Welcome to the Nirody Lab!

We study the physics of how organisms interact with (heterogeneous, dynamic) natural environments, and how these interactions shape organismal form and behavior. We ask questions that sit at the intersection of behavior, biophysics, and evolution, and we use both theoretical and experimental tools to work with a wide range of organismal systems. Click here to read more about our research!

We are currently recruiting researchers at all levels! Please get in touch if you're excited about organismal biophysics!

Tardigrade walking on agar (Credit: L. Duran)
Controlling the speed of flagellar motor rotation using an external magnetic field
Multi-modal locomotive adaptations for water walking in geckos (Credit: P. Jennings)
Predicted energy landscape during torque generation in the flagellar motor
Imaging lateral forces by a corn snake during slithering on photoelastic gelatin
Quantifying microstructure of Pachycephalosaur skulls (Credit: M. Goodwin)

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