Excited about organismal biophysics? Get in touch!

Please email Jasmine with a little information about you and your interests if you'd like to learn more about opportunities at any level.

Potential Postdocs

We are excited to hear from fellows and postdocs who want to work with us! Please get in touch to discuss project and/or funding ideas.

Potential Graduate Students

UChicago has a wide range of exciting graduate programs that overlap with our research. Some of these include: Integrative Biology, Biophysical Sciences, and the Committee on Evolutionary Biology. I welcome emails from prospective students at all stages at the application process, as well as from current UChicago students interested in doing a rotation project!

Potential Undergraduate Students

Our research provides ample opportunities for undergraduate engagement. Please get in touch to discuss options for paid or for-credit research!

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Lab address

Anatomy Building, Room 303
Dept of Organismal Biology and Anatomy
The University of Chicago
1027 E 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

Email: jnirody at uchicago.edu

Phone: +1 (773)-834-6683